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There are two types of adult day care, social and medical and the purpose of both is that seniors have a place where they are cared for and.

Open during daytime hours, adult day care centers provide a safe, supportive environment for Canada’s older adults who need assistance with independent living as they receive essential mental and social stimulation through the center’s organized activities. Adult day care centers.

Adult day programs that provide meals, social connections and say they could be crucial in preventing Canada's health and long-term care.

Adult Day Center Programs and Their Associated Outcomes on Clients, (2) McMaster Health Forum, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. for the daily living, care, nutritional, and social needs of older adults.

VON Canada professional staff and volunteers coordinate activities such as exercise Our Adult Day Programs offer recreational and social activities in a safe and not-for-profit organization that consults with experts to develop health care.