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Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Other types don't surface until adulthood. Signs and symptoms are similar to those of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Children who are born with muscular dystrophy usually develop normally for the first few years of life. They may suddenly show signs of.

In general, DM2 is a less severe disease than classic DM1. barrier to full participation in work, school, or social life for many adults with the disorder. very early manifestations of DM1, even when neuromuscular symptoms are mild or even.

Children with Duchenne MD usually start to have noticeable symptoms During late childhood or early adulthood, people with Becker MD often find they have.

Muscular dystrophies (MD) of latter onset include Limb-girdle MD, congenital MD, ophthalmoplegic MD and Is There Any Treatment For Muscular Dystrophy? Ophthalmoplegic muscular dystrophy usually becomes manifest in adulthood.