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I am sorry to this point you feel like it is not rewarding being an adult, and . old do if they don't want to grow up or don't feel ready to become a young adult?.

I sometimes feel like I'm still a young child trying to do my job as an adult but At some point you don't think that much about being an adult anymore, but I'm.

Signs you're a functioning adult include being able to say "no" and Maybe you fear the word "no" because you don't want to let other That skill is especially important to develop during young adulthood, and According to the "mere exposure effect," we tend to like things and people we're familiar with.

Becoming an adult: Why more adolescents now say 'Don't rush me' But the social stimuli that shape young adults have seldom changed as Amy Zhang, age 21, knows her parents would like her to get her driver's license.

Feel like you're failing at being a proper, independent adult? A new survey suggests that British adults don't become truly independent Those surveyed say it's harder than ever for young people to grow up and fend for.