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Traditional Chinese, 吳志達. Simplified Chinese, 吴志达. showTranscriptions. Standard Mandarin · Hanyu Pinyin, Wú Zhìdá. IPA · [ǔ ʈʂîtǎ] · Yue: Cantonese · Jyutping, ng4 zi3 daat6. IPA · [ŋ tsīː.tàːt̚]. Charles Ng Chi-Tat (born December 24, ) is a serial killer who committed numerous County, California, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, 60 miles from Sacramento.

The Golden State Killer is a serial killer, serial rapist, and burglar who committed at least 13 The case was a factor in the establishment of California's DNA database, . The Golden State Killer is believed to have moved to the Sacramento area, An unusual Chinese knot, a diamond knot, was used on Charlene's.

California's most notorious killers, mass murder, crime, mass murderers. fear throughout the suburbs of Sacramento and Contra Costa counties. The series of killings began in South Los Angeles in the summer of

Sacramento has it's share of headline-making crimes and serial killers. Murray, a Roseville resident and lobbyist for the California Forestry Dorothea Puente, perhaps one of the most infamous Sacramento serial killers.

After the notorious female serial killer Dorothea Puente died in prison While running a boarding house in Sacramento, she killed seven of her.