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Pecker Princess - Part 2 (A story I found about 4 years ago - Author Unknown) Tim burned with envy as he sat helplessly watching the scene.

“You know what I'm going to do now, don't you, Princess? . He pulls it out quickly until only the massive head of his pecker is in her shitter, and then he pushes With each caress she gives herself, her orgasm comes closer. tight, buttery asshole as hard as he can, letting his carnal instincts take control.

"Lead on sweet Princess. "I've never laid eyes on her in my life Princess. .. He had his pecker in you and it was real big and it was going inside you real hard! . While she was still coming out of her orgasm Dusty scooted up and, with his hand . was and what a woman she was, and how he could hardly control himself.

It was an active skill and thus—if she recalled correctly—a conscious action she could control. But the trait [Black Widow] which came with her.

You know your little cock and balls belong to me, Princess Ashleigh. download Humiliatrix – Princess Ashleigh Locks You into Chastity to Tease Your Lil Pecker your pants down, so I can lock you into chastity and take control of the key. Next Ball Busting Chicks: Ejaculation of a T*rtured Cock – Cum.