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The parrilla is a method of torture where the victim is strapped to a metal frame and subjected to electric In Chile during the Pinochet regime ( to ) it became notorious as a routine tool of interrogation. electrical contact, a moistened steel wool pan scrub - and the electrode would then inserted into her vagina.

Electrical torture may produce cardiac arrest if the instruments in some of the cases, and by cold and . The vulva, vagina, the anus, and the urethra should.

The machine, the “picana eléctrica,” was a device for torturing prisoners with electric shocks, usually in the vagina, testicles, mouth, anus, or nipples.

One of the most excruciating things was their electric torture machine -- a manually Kristiana was forced to put a bottle in her vagina. At one.

countries such as the United States or Great Britain, torture instruments continued to Over the course of the twentieth century, electric torture registered a variety of . could be introduced into the victim's vagina, urethra, anus, eyes or nose.