- what curse you just sucked shirt


what curse you just sucked shirt

Shop There was NO curseYou just sucked for 86 T-Shirt created by nycgirl Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is!.

Free and Funny Sports/Leagues Ecard: You see, there was no curse, the Red Sox just sucked for 86 years. Create and send your own custom Sports/Leagues .

Call it what you want but THERE NEVER WAS A CURSE THE RED SOX JUST SUCKED FOR 86 YEARS! Although the Playoffs were without a.

Preston unbuttoned the shirt and handed it over, just to see what would happen. "It will only take a second to reconstitute the electrons, and then I'll reset the default settings Milton ran a single program that sucked the shirt into the screen .

internet will be like You're totally crazy everything's fine high school just sucks. I search “types of curses” and click the second result, because I irrationally believe I am just friends with David Santos and so I am really trying very hard not to completely flip I wear: my Smith's T-shirt from Hot Topic, with the green lettering ;.