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Contracture - finger thumb contracture

A wide range of conditions can lead to intrinsic contractures of the thumb. A thorough understanding of the normal and pathologic anatomy as well as the.

J. Edward Flynn, M.D. ADDUCTION contracture of the thumb presents a most serious disability of the hand. The thumb is useless as an opponent for the fingers, is unable to abduct and rotate and, in some cases, blocks flexion of the fingers.

J Hand Surg Am. Jul;14(4) Flexion contracture of the thumb: a malignant etiology. McGraw JM(1), Stern PJ. Author information: (1)Department of.

Thumb web space release in the hand is designed to achieve maximum return of normal function of the thumb. This requires careful thought on the part of the.

Adduction contracture of the thumb predominantly affects the movements at the trapeziometacarpal joint, rendering the thumb ineffective in opposition and.