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Find help & information on Ratibida columnifera f. pulcherrima 'Red Midget' prairie coneflower 'Red Midget' from the RHS.

Red Mexican Hat. The festive flower heads of Ratibida Red Midget resemble the traditional broad-brimmed, high-centered hat worn during Mexican fiestas and bloom late summer into fall. Ratibida are native prairie plants.

Fun, unique flowers dance above mounds of fine green foliage from June until frost. The blooms feature long, prominent cones that give way to wide, reflexed.

While the native Mexican Hat (Ratibida columnifera) is enchanting, 'Red Midget' improves on an already great plant with its dwarf proportions and richly.

A delightful somewhat dwarf variety of the Prairie Coneflower, order our Red Midget seeds for an easy-to-grow plant flowering the first year from seed from.