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Get intimate with Taylor Lautner and his sexiest ever moments tatlor lautner naked

We’re taking a look back at some of Taylor Lautner’s hottest ever moments. The hunky Hollywood actor, who rose to fame after taking his shirt off in the Twilight Saga movies, has gone on to have a wide-ranging career in everything from American horror Scream Queens to British.

As a former werewolf, Taylor Lautner should be able to grow some seriously impressive facial hair in mere moments. But because (spoiler alert).

Jun 14, Photo of Taylor Lautner hot for fans of Taylor Lautner Taylor Lautner Naked | Taylor Lautner hot - Taylor Lautner Photo () -.

A shirtless Taylor Lautner drops his towel in the trailer for the upcoming season of the British sitcom Cuckoo — check out the sexy GIF!.

Andy Samburg leaving the show was always going to be a blow for Cuckoo but Taylor Lautner stripping naked should ease some of the pain.