Are there swingers in Hong Kong? The answer is yes, just ask this couple. - swinging in hong kong


What's it like to swing in Hong Kong (and why do so many couples do it)? swinging in hong kong

Polyamory is absolutely not about swinging, insists Lea, who declines to Hong Kong has a small but passionate scene that plays out in the.

Swinging, wife-swapping, partner-sharing, trading and lending. Whatever you call it, it's a sexual practice that's been happening in Hong Kong.

Is DB really the hotbed of swinging and couple swapping that rumour has it? Ahead of the By Time Out Hong Kong Posted: Monday August 8 , pm.

A couple relocated to Hong Kong and had to start the lifestyle all over. new home was to try to discover if swinging was popular in our area.

Lea and Judy are part of a small community that enjoys giving and receiving love with multiple partners. Despite polyamory not being all about.