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In he bought the Meco Midget (6 oz.). It's small, compact and has a comfortable feel in the hand that make long hours of body contortion, welding up, down.

The MECO Midget is a lightweight (just 6 oz.), compact torch that fits neatly in your hand and stays comfortable over hours of soldering/welding work. Its control .

The Meco Midget torch is one of the most popular jeweler's torches we sell. Lightweight and easy to use, the controls on the Meco Midget can be adjusted with.

New Thread - Little Torch vs. Meco Midget (In response to the thread: How good is the Little Torch?) I understand that many people use The.

Meco Midget Oxygen/Fuel Soldering torch from the USA. Weighing just g this lightweight compact torch fits neatly into your hand, is easily controlable.