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Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as the centerpiece of their Calling is still a central function of the cell phone for teens and for many teens, 64% of teens with cell phones have texted in class; 25% have made.

Most American teenagers get their first cell phone in middle school, at age . Most teens have unlimited text messaging plans, which for many.

Many teens send plus texts a day, survey says 43 percent of teens reported sending at least one text message from class a day.

Of the 75% of teens who own cell phones, 87% use text messaging at least 76 % of girls text about school work, while 64% of boys text about school. are much more likely than other teens to go online using a cell phone.

mary reasons many parents acquire a cell phone for their child. 43% of all teens who take their phones to school say they text in class at least.