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My 3-Year-Old Son Has Started to Play with his Penis. How Should I Handle This? • ZERO TO THREE son touch my dick

If he had asked to touch my penis I probably would have told him no, and a toddler poke his dad's pubic hair, but whenever my son asks to do something like .

It really depends on how old your son is. For instance, when my stepson was 3, he and I would take showers together, and he could see what.

My Toddler Never Stops Touching His Penis. by Toni Hammer. SHARE. reasons my sons touches his penis Shutterstock. I am all for raising my kids in a way.

“You want me to ask if I can touch your penis?” AND I know I want my son to be able to choose when he wants to receive and give pleasure.

It's how you go pee-pee and I know it also feels good to touch it. When you see your son playing with his penis, establish some common.